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An overview of your Rewards can be found under your Profile. To get your detailed Rewards information, tap Menu then Rewards or See Rewards under your Profile.

Cash: We share 10% of our earned revenue for each product you Endorse that results in a purchase by one of your followers.

Cash Out: Once you’ve reached $20 in your account, you can Cash Out by tapping the button and sending the money to your Paypal account. More cash out options will be forthcoming.

Badges: The more items your followers purchase, the higher your Badge level, qualifying you for VIP treatments, free items, and other rewards (on top of the cash you already earn from Solebrity). You can see your Badge level under your Profile.


We automatically donate 10% of our earned revenue for every transaction to Charities. The revenue is distributed equally to all participating Charities. Charities are verified using Charity Navigator. We are continuously adding new Charities, if you have a particular charity you’d like to recommend, please contact us.