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Solebrity's smart data approach reaches millions of hyper-connected mobile shoppers to drive sales.


Shoppers recommend products, create their unique collections and build their influence. Solebrity combines brands' e-commerce capabilities with enviable social sharing that encourages more shopping.


Merging data sciene and rewards, Solebrity creates a hyper-personal 1-1 channel between shopper and the brand while optimizing the brick-and-mortar retail experience.


Solebrity tailors recommendations to each shopper's unique style and personality to accurately deliver the right products at the right time and at the right price; thus createing a smart, effective shopping experience.


Solebrity works by channeling a shopper's influence in their network into purchases and sharing the earned revenue with them. Shoppers earn exclusive brand products, VIP shopping, choice to donate to great causes and other rewards.

Social shopping will drive $15 billion annually in US retail.

Source: Invesp.com, 2016

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